الثلاثاء، 16 سبتمبر 2014

Are they really want to destroy (IS )?!

It seems that the spirit of Saddam Husain still lingering but in a religious version ( IS), and Saudi Arabia had began it's marketing role to gather another international alliance.. again!
This is an advantage way to protect the region and whole the world from more spreading of an extremism, but the question is what's going to happen next if they started their civil solution by Saudi shaikhs, who counted as extremes in Muslim societies( they ruling the country by Al-sharia law and they denied even giving Saudi women the right for driving cars), exactly such as what have happened in Afghanistan in 80's when US Government supported the extremists to fight The Red Army, where we know now the situation in Afghanistan. What I see on this movement against IS that the prospected armed movement will not lead to destroy IS as a state of extremism, but it just will re-size it as what happened with Saddam Husain in 1991!. 

Westerns and Russian( Governments) want to keep selling their weapons in far regions!, that what we can conclude it from the horrible stories in Africa , south of Iraq 1990, north of Iraq and levant nowadays!, and we can see it by The Global Arms Sales Figures (Global Issues 2013 ).
If people around the world really want to fight the terrorism they should find out the real causes of the extremism. 

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